Rick Foster's Friends, Influences, and Supporters

Other places to find Rick Foster products and music

You Tube
Check out 10 Rick Foster solo performances by searching for "Rick Foster."
CD Baby
Several of Rick's albums are available in CD and digital downloads at CD Baby
Be sure to add Rick Foster to your Pandora channel.
Some of Rick's recordings are available for download here.
Mel Bay
Mel Bay sells Rick's Favorite Hymns for Acoustic Guitar book. Rick's arrangements are also featured in several compilations including Mel Bay's 2000 Fingerpicking and Portraits of Christmas for Fingerstyle guitar.

Guitar Builders and Guitarist Friends

Christopher Parkening
Christopher Parkening has recorded several of Rick's arrangements.
Luthiers Orville and Bob Milburn
The Milburns are building beautiful instruments which have accompanied Rick on many concert tours.
Jonathan Roth
Jonathan joins Rick on the Faith Is the Reason album.
Ray Cummins
Ray Cummins performs sacred music fingerstyle arrangements on solo guitar. He's one of the few who offer concerts of sacred music. One of Ray's performances is featured on Rick's Precious Memories video/DVD.
Jonathan Burchfield
Jonathan Burchfield performs on Rick's Precious Memories video/DVD. The Burchfield Brothers perform outstanding concerts of sacred music.
Ray Reussner
Ray Reussner not only has one of the best right hands in the business, but also built some of the best cases ever made. Rick travels with Reurer cases.

Guitarist Gadgets and Places

Alaska Pik
An Alaska Pik is a device that can be shaped like the nail and can be used when a nail is broken. See for yourself.
The Original Guitar Chair
This chair is beautiful, sturdy, and useful for long hours of practice as well as being portable and ideal for concerts.
G 7th Capo
This is a good capo.
Dynarette Guitar Cushion
Rick uses his guitar cushion every day.
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