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Eternal Guitar

CD $16.00
Companion book of arrangements in notation and TAB exactly as played on the album $22.00

Classical guitar solos of sacred music. The companion book of arrangements contains all of the songs on the recording written in standard notation and TAB exactly as they are played on the album.

Album Contents:

  • Aria (Air on the G String)
  • Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand
  • Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown
  • Hymn Triumphant
  • I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
  • I Surrender All
  • Jacob's Ladder
  • Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho
  • O the Deep, Deep Love
  • Praise Him, Praise Him
  • Prelude of Joy
  • Soon and Very Soon
  • Sweet Sweet Spirit
  • Thank you Lord


"A classical guitarist who performs sacred music within the Christian community is a rare breed. As the first person to play a full concert of sacred music on the classical guitar, Rick Foster's talent has earned him a nomination by the Gospel Music Association for Gospel Instrumentalist of the Year, and praise by the likes of Chet Atkins. Eternal Guitar displays his laudable talent.
"Throughout, Foster lets us hear the essence of classical guitar. His impeccable style will appeal to those familiar with classical guitar, yet others will find this album accessible and unpretentious.
"Foster lives with his wife and two daughters in southern Oregon, where they organically grow their own fruits and vegetables. The simplicity of this lifestyle permeates Foster's music. Unlike many instrumental albums, Foster brings a more traditional, simple approach to classical playing by not including orchestrated or synthesized background accompaniment. This simplicity is a pleasant change from contemporary Christian music, where the musician's talents are often buried beneath the background music. This is truly a solo album.
"The strongest part of this recording is the variety. Foster is able to combine hymns, choruses, spirituals, and a classical piece, 'Aria' (Air on the G string), which is the strongest display of his ability. What stands out are Foster's arrangement of each song and his precise articulation.
"Foster has produced more than just another recording to add to the noise of our everyday lives. He has created a true piece of art with his God-given talent that will help us to focus on Christ."

Moody Monthly —June 1993

"Speaking of greats, classical guitarist extraordinaire, Rick Foster, has a new release, Eternal Guitar, a collection of ten hymn arrangements from some of the best players around the world. Foster has been praised by numerous top ranked musicians including Chet Atkins and Christopher Parkening."

Contemporary Christian Music —April 1993

"Foster is a player whose work and life are dominated by his passionate belief in Christ. In his introduction he states, 'Since sacred music is truly eternal music, you are surely playing Eternal Guitar when you offer your music to the glory of God.' As a blues-playing agnostic, I approached this offering somewhat gingerly, expecting some judgmental, holier-than-thou rhetoric. But I soon realized Foster's brand of Christianity is of the open, positive. loving variety, and I ended up enjoying the package quite a bit.
"The CD is first-rate. The book is nicely put together with some great photos. Almost every piece is introduced by Foster with quotes from scripture and a few words on how he learned and/or arranged the hymn. There are no specific playing tips in the intros, but the music and tab are well notated with whole sentences such as 'Place E without playing to mute open D' appearing occasionally in the tab and with all the standard classical guitar extras such as "1/2II" for a half barre and small numbers to designate left-hand fingering in the standard notation."

Acoustic Guitar —May 1996