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More Hymns for Classic Guitar

CD $16.00
Companion book of arrangements in notation and TAB, exactly as played on the album $22.00
Original vinyl record $12.00

More Hymns for Classic Guitar is Rick Foster's second album of solo guitar arrangements of sacred music. Played on the classical guitar these pieces reflect influences from classical to country.

Album Contents:

  • Ave Maria
  • Blessed Assurance
  • Fairest Lord Jesus
  • Father I Adore You
  • God Be With You
  • God Who Made the Earth and Heaven
  • Let Us Celebrate the Glories of Our God
  • Open Our Eyes
  • Peace Like a River
  • Shaker Hymn Tune
  • Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  • We Gather Together

"This sequel to Hymns for Classic Guitar is just as satisfying as its popular predecessor. Rick Foster's guitar work is flawless.
"The musical style ranges from an upbeat, almost jazz arrangement of 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,' to the folksy 'Peace Like a River,' to the classical sounds of Schubert's 'Ave Maria' and Mouret's 'Let Us Celebrate the Glories of Our God.'
"In tunes such as 'Blessed Assurance,' I was convinced that someone was playing along with Foster, or that the recording was overdubbed. But a news release from Bread 'n Honey Records maintains that it's simply Foster's fast fingers, recorded just as he performed the songs.
"Foster's virtuosity and the mellow sound of his classical guitar are fitting tributes to the glorious God he praises."

Christian Herald —1980

"While hymns are usually thought of as solemn and slow, Rick infuses the 12 traditional and contemporary pieces on this LP with an effervescence that seems to work quite well. Foster's song arranging ability and his facility with a nylon-string guitar in a solo context are clearly evident, whether he's dancing on the strings with the Baroque-flavored 'Shaker Hymn Tune' or adding beautiful harmonic touches to "Father I Adore You.'"

Guitar Player Magazine —November 1980

"This is the 6th solo album by a guitarist who has really found his forte in rendering the most soothing, lyrical, and melodious religious music on vinyl today.
"Oddly enough, because of his skills and because there are so few performers doing this type of album, he is almost in a class by himself.
"The arranger-performer is operating in one of the most demanding fields of music, but has the skill to pull it off. Rick is certainly playing 'divine' music."

Progress Bulletin newspaper —1981

"Rick's intentions to minister through his music are immediately clear. He has chosen carefully the tools of his ministry. With guitar in hand and an old hymnal before him he's set out to breathe new light into the proven classics of the faith. This is praise in its most elegant simplicity."

Word Family Record and Tape Club

"In most cases, album titles don't give the listener a clue to the music inside. But in Rick Foster's case, the title tells all on his latest release. By the time you read this review the album will have been on the market for several months and should have had time to prove itself on the best-seller lists.
"Rick's first LP of lyrical renditions of favorite hymns seemed to fill a void in Christian music, and from its grass roots beginnings grew into a top national seller. Foster's second offering gives us more of the same and most likely will be well-received by his new flock of fans. If you are one of those still unaware of Rick's talents, then pick up both releases."

The Bookstore Journal—January 1981